You have probably heard of the term ‘baby teeth.’ Also, you’ve heard the term your ‘adult teeth‘ or ‘permanent teeth.’ But have you heard of your ‘third set of teeth?’ Well, if not, keep reading. In this article we’ll explain just what we mean when we say it’s maybe time for your third set of teeth …

Your Baby Teeth

We all lose teeth. And nature says we only get two sets of teeth in our lifetime. Everyone likely has pictures of their childhood days with their childhood, or baby teeth. As a child, it was often exciting to lose a tooth. Because we then knew the tooth fairy was coming. Big smiles with spaces in between teeth was adorable.

Your Permanent Teeth

Then by our teenage years, our permanent ‘adult’ teeth grew in. At this point, a large gap in between teeth wasn’t so adorable. And for many of us, our teeth didn’t grow in as straight as we’d like. So many people got orthodontics to straighten teeth and improve their bite. And if you wore your retainer, your teeth remained straight.

Then, you needed to brush and floss regularly. If not, you likely got a cavity and needed a filling. A few tooth aches here and there later and a filling wasn’t enough. The dentist had to put on a dental crown.

If lucky, a dental crown was all the more dental care you need in your life. However, our adult years of dental health are the longest and toughest. And the American diet consists of a lot starchy carbs, sugars, and acids. These foods damage your teeth and gums over time. Other bad habits such as smoking and chewing ice contributes to the problem. Also there was always the chance of losing a tooth caused by an accident.

And then there’s the simple natural wear on your adult teeth. There’s a good chance that by age 60, you’ll lose at least one permanent tooth. A space in your teeth affects your chewing, speech, and appearance. Until the 1970s, there wasn’t much you could do about it. But then, came the advent of the dental implant, or what some now call ‘third set of teeth.’

A Third Set of Teeth?

Our ‘third set of teeth‘ refers to dental implants. Implants are growing in popularity. They are a popular treatment option for people who lose teeth at older ages.

The earliest recorded attempts of implants date back to the Mayan civilization around 600 A.D. The implant was invented in the 1950s. Dental offices began using modern implants in the late 1970s. Dental implants have undergone giant leaps in improved design, success, and overall patient satisfaction since those ancient times.

In fact, today’s dental implants actually integrate or fuse to the jawbone for the teeth they replace. They’re very much like your original permanent adult teeth. They’re strong, straight, and bright white. And once integrated and functional, they often last a lifetime. Today’s implants are very successful.

People get their third set of teeth for both functional and cosmetic reasons. You can learn about our dental implants services at Mountain Top Periodontics & Implants here:

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