Geriatric dentistry is an important speciality focused on dental care for senior patients. Aging can result in a number of common issues and it’s important to have a dentist who has understanding and experience with the unique conditions and challenges you may face. Why is a geriatric dentist important for your needs? Let’s examine a few reasons why you may want to make an appointment with a geriatric dentist.

Gum Disease and Recession

Gum disease is often something that sneaks up on us without much warning if you don’t know exactly what signs to watch for. Gum recession can also result from untreated gum disease and may expose the roots of the teeth to the risk of root caries. Senior patients are at an increased risk for both due to the effects of hormonal changes related to the natural aging process. An experienced geriatric dentist can help spot the signs early on to prevent additional damage from occurring.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth or xerostomia commonly affects senior patients because they are often prescribed medication that have side effects such as reduced saliva flow and dehydration. When your saliva production wanes, it’s important to take action, because saliva is your body’s natural way of protecting and remineralizing your teeth and preventing tooth decay.

Drug Interactions and Sensitivities

Because many senior patients are prescribed medications, they are at an increased risk of drug interactions and increased sensitivity to the drugs and anesthetics used during dental procedures. If you’re wondering “Why is a Geriatric Dentist Important?”, a top reason is the peace of mind that geriatric dentists are specialized in the latest research and training to help ensure the safety of those vulnerable to an increased risk of side effects, reactions and complications during dental procedures.

Physical and Cognitive Difficulties

Many elderly patients suffer from physical, mental and sensory challenges related to aging. Geriatic dentists and their dental care teams are uniquely familiar with how to make the experience of visiting a dental office or undergoing a dental procedure more comfortable, calm and less anxiety-inducing by reducing noise or providing pleasant distractions in the form of radio programs or television shows to entertain the patient during the exam or procedure.

Schedule a Consultation

Why is a geriatric dentist important? The question is an easy one to answer once you’ve experienced specialized care tailored to your needs for safety and comfort. If an understanding and considerate dentist is what you’re looking for, call to schedule an appointment for a consultation to find out if a geriatric dentist may be the best fit for your needs.

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