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Many people who lose a tooth don’t realize that bones begin to recede as soon as a tooth has left the socket. This means that patients are unable to get implants placed if too much time has passed. But we believe no mouth is hopeless! With a ridge augmentation, you’ll be on your way to better looking gums or regaining your natural-looking smile.

There are two different types of ridge augmentation that we offer at Mountain Top Periodontics & Implants — soft tissue ridge augmentation and hard tissue ridge augmentation. Our expert team can help you determine which option is right for your circumstances.

  • Soft Tissue Ridge Augmentation: With soft tissue ridge augmentation, we’ll improve the aesthetics and the looks of the gums by carefully making a small incision in the depressed location. We will use new tissue from another part of your mouth to fix the looks of your gums and give you a smile you’re proud to share.
  • Hard Tissue Ridge Augmentation: The hard tissue ridge augmentation procedure is done to provide adequate bone structure prior to dental implant placement. Our careful team will use a bone graft to help you regenerate the lost bone. In as little as six months, you’ll be able to get a new dental implant to restore your beautiful smile.

Both of these simple procedures can drastically change the way you feel about your smile. Contact our team at Mountain Top Periodontics & Implants to see if you are an ideal candidate for either of these procedures. After your ridge augmentation, you will feel confident knowing you are on track to a beautiful smile!

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