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“. . .You can tell that they are all committed to serving their patients well and work hard to restore them to optimum oral health. They made me feel at ease when I was nervous about my procedure by listening to and fully addressing my questions and concerns. The event and recovery unfolded exactly as they had explained and their follow up care has been attentive and thorough.”
Kathie V.

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile because of large gums or damaged teeth? We can help you fix these concerns and get you the smile of your dreams with periodontal plastic surgery. At Mountain Top Periodontics & Implants, we can make minor tweaks to your gums and teeth to provide major improvement to your smile. Your ideal smile is within reach!

We have two different procedures that may be able to help you get the smile you want and deserve:

  • Esthetic Crown Lengthening: An esthetic crown lengthening procedure can correct that “gummy” smile that makes you want to hide your teeth. During a visit that will last only about an hour, our team can transform your smile by performing a “gum lift.” Our careful dentists will remove excess gum and bone tissue and reshape your smile to let more of your natural tooth shine. One to two weeks after the procedure, you will have a follow-up appointment so our experienced team can evaluate your healing progress.
  • Functional Crown Lengthening: A functional crown lengthening procedure is for teeth that are too far decayed or broken below the gum line. Similarly to esthetic crown lengthening, our skilled dentists can remove gum and bone tissue to reshape your smile. After you heal for six to eight weeks, the doctor will be able to place the final restoration piece, such as a crown or bridge, to get you back your smile.

These periodontal plastic surgery procedures not only restore a smile to its natural glory but also provide the added benefit of controlling and preventing periodontal disease.

Unhappy about your smile? Schedule an appointment with the Mountain Top Periodontics & Implants team today. We will evaluate your goals and determine if either of these two periodontal plastic surgery options are right for you. If periodontal plastic surgery is the best option for you, you will finally get the bright, beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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