Quality dental care knows no age limit! Better dental care for seniors starts with having the right tools and support. Here’s what you should know to keep your dental health in top shape and feel confident about your care.

Caring for Your Teeth at Home

Age can bring its own set of challenges and sometimes they catch us by surprise. But better dental care for seniors often starts with having the right tools. When it comes to dental care, we have lots of tips that we’ve found to be helpful.

If you suffer from arthritis or dexterity-related conditions, it can feel extra challenging to maneuver a regular toothbrush with a slim handle. Using a toothbrush with a larger handle — or an electric toothbrush — can help make it easier to grip and control the toothbrush. Your toothpaste container should also have a large, easy-grip, easy-open cap that doesn’t require twisting for greatest ease of use!

If flossing also feels challenging, floss picks can be useful because they can help eliminate the need to wind a long strand of floss around and between your fingers. Floss picks are essentially plastic handles with a small section of floss stretched across one end, so you simply hold the handle to floss.

Caring for Your Teeth at the Dentist Office

Visiting the dentist regularly is important, too. Getting a regular exam is helpful to catch problems early before they cause discomfort and so that they are more easily treatable. When you visit the dentist, ask how often you should visit to keep your teeth in optimum health.

It’s also important to see the right dentist who has experience with the challenges and conditions you face. Better dental care for seniors starts with having a dentist who is as compassionate as they are passionate about dental care.

Your Dental Care Team

When choosing your dentist, make a list of questions so that you can get to know your dentist and what they specialize in. You deserve a dental care team that cares about your comfort, understands the unique conditions you face, and works with you to solve any challenges.

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